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Income Tax Seminar and Tax Ethics

Introductory Tax Preparation Seminar
CPA Ethics Seminar
  • 2 days
  • 16-18 Credits CPE
  • New & Review
  • Individual
  • Business
  • Tax Ethics


  • 1-day
  • 8 Credits CPE
  • How to fill and file the 1040
  • What is Income?
  • What are


  • 2 Credits CPE
  • VA Board content approved
  • IRS content


    "If some one has to go to jail make sure it is the client"
    - Anonymous

    "Can 2 hours save 20 years?"
    - Anonymous



    Our course offerings cater to the continuing education requirements needed for CPAs, EAs, CFPs, Attorneys, AFTR, and other Tax Practitioners.

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    Welcome to the 56th year of Income Tax Continuing Education!

    Our Seminars are developed to meet the needs of tax practitioners and CPAs across the state. We try to provide a quality program at a reasonable price.

    ....Our two day Income Tax Seminar is an intensive study of the tax law and regulation governing individuals and small businesses. It is designed for persons with tax experience who assist taxpayers in preparing and filing income tax returns. Preparation of both federal and state taxes will be covered. We provide a 650+ page study guide along with instruction by seasoned tax professionals. Experienced faculty from Virginia Tech, the IRS, and private practitioners will examine new tax laws and timely tax topics.

    ....“Introductory Tax Preparation” is designed for those who are new or returning to tax preparation and want a course in basic preparation. The program is presented by Dr. Guido van der Hoeven of North Carolina State University.

    ....We are looking forward to serving you for our 56th year. If you know someone who may be interested in one or more of these programs, please pass on this information.

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